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Tables, Thumbnails as Links, and Hot Spots... Good Stuff!

This is a lesson assignment done at Professor John Taylor's suggestion. It is to demonstrate picture thumbnails as links to larger pictures. I have included the use of tables in a page. I really like frames. John Taylor told me that search engines do not search frames. While I don't care here, it is usually important to have search engines index material that you want to put in front of people. I have decided to try to use tables instead of frames. I am working on a good understanding of tables. Please do not comment on the colors. They are for demo purposes. Background images would be real nice here.

Some Things For You To See...

I have some unusual things you might like to see. I made most of them. I usually don't make anything that is easy to make. I feel like that is a waste of valuable time. I use hard woods and find things that one could not buy to work on.

I have more things that are a bit different. I could go on adding to this page for some time. Perhaps I will think of something that just has to be here.

I have made my pictures page prettier. I hope you like it better. I have framed the little thumbnails using fireworks. I used images for background instead of simple colors. I added a column on the right for a margin by using the same image as the adjacent column. I add a shadow at the right and bottom by using a column and a row with a darker but similar texture. Lots of nice textures at the Thomasville Funiture Site. My wife is trying to find "the" sofa. Lord, save me!

I made an image for the header. I don't know about yellow. I guess it is ok...for a man.