This material is from Typing For the Single-handed User Copyright (c) 1994 by Bob Harrell. Please copy and distribute, free of charge, to those who can benefit from it's use. See bottom of this page.
Key Group lessons introduce the keys in order and tell you what finger to use. Text to get you started on the new keys is provided. The typing tutor lessons assure plenty of practice. New keys are added to old.
Copies of tutor lessons that are found on TUTOR.ZIP are here for you to print. You can use the text for practice with your word processor. I like to use the lesson copies with the tutor and listen for the tutor to beep a mistake.


**Windows 95 Tutor Now Ready for Download**

You can download this typing manual complete along with the index in HTML form. This allows you to study or print off line. Download to a floppy, unzip, and load "index.htm" into your browser. You may then print or study off line. Open "a:\index.htm" in the browser - the slash is necessary.

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This material is the property of Bob Harrell. It is not my intention to sell or profit from it in any way. Permission is granted for free distribution. School districts are encouraged to use what they can to help single-handed students. Please copy for your own use. If you find any thing here useful you may pay by letting me know that you have been helped.

tutor lessons by Bob Harrell copyright (c) 1994