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I am a single-handed touch typist. I use the right-handed Dvorak keyboard. I have written a simple typing tutor program to make it easier for single-handed people to learn the keyboard. Two-handed students may like my tutor also. Information and file downloads are here. Math is very easy. I like to help others to see this! Want a little math tutor to get your kids started right? Every computer person should know basic assembly language programming. It is not hard to learn. Everything here is free.


My software is for the PC. Mac users may find ideas. Everything here is free.

Single-handed People Can Touch Type

It takes less than 30 seconds to switch your keyboard in DOS, Windows 3.1, or 95

Two-handed typist use the same keyboard. Nothing to buy! Everything is free! Thank you Microsoft!

I wrote a typing tutor program that helps single-handed people learn to touch type. Did you know that there was a single-handed Dvorak keyboard? You may even have it on your computer. If you know a single-handed person please tell them. Changing keyboards in Windows 95


info Please look at the single-handed keyboard information.

get tutor You can download my tutor program and lessons here.

view-print You can view or print typing lessons here. *NEW*Download the manual*

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Two-handed People Need Help Too!.

Mothers Don't Let Your Children Grow Up "QWERTY"!

Dr. Dvorak developed a superior keyboard in the early 1930's. He put a lot of study into the project. Use of Dvorak's keyboard would allow the same typing to be done by one-third fewer typist. I wonder why it has not been adopted more widely. If You don't like using a keyboard that was designed to slow you down visit Marcus Brooks.

On Dr. Dvorak's keyboard 70% of the keys used in ordinary text are on the home row. If you ever saw Dvorak and a Qwerty typist, side by side, typing the same text you would be sold.

DV For information about the two-hand Dvorak visit Marcus Brooks
If typing has caused you a physical problem go here!!

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Math is Sooooo Easy!! Honest!!

stamp If you understand how to solve all the equations in the margins of the postage stamp shown here you can succeed in electronics (and other technical fields). There are no problems in the study of basic electronics that are more difficult than these. I developed a different way of teaching math to help my electronics students. Many had few math skills. Math is very very easy! Most people have all the knowledge they need to be great at math. They just don't know it! My disk, MATH IS EASY, helps. Most people who say "I can't learn math" already know everything they need to know for most applications. They just don't understand how to use what they know. Examples of everything you need to know are placed in the margins of the postage stamp. Want to change your way of thinking?
download Download my math tutor now. or you may view the file list.

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Programming In Assembly is Easy Too!!
And Needed!!

Basic microprocessor programming makes other languages easier.

Assembly language is easy to learn. I taught students with little programming skills to write assembly programs in a couple of weeks. If you don't know assembly you can't be the best you can be at other languages. My students did better with other languages after they understood microprocessor basic instructions. When writing a C language instruction they would give a knowing smile as if to say, "I know what is happening here". I will have written lesson outlines and study aids here as soon as I can get it done. You can view and print my course outline and other stuff here now.

It is not my intention to make a professional assembly language programmer out of anyone. This is for ordinary folks like myself. But, one never knows what a little knowledge can start.
Electronics Instructors should consider basic assembly for their students. ...Request ohmslaw tutor program here..FREE. For Basic Electronics students.

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