What's it all about?

This site contains information that I want you to have. It is mostly stuff a single-handed person could benefit from. I would like to enlist your help to spread the information to those who may use it.

Did you know that there is a right and left handed keyboard on your computer that allows a single handed person to touch type? You can see that here.

Did you know that the keyboard you use was designed to slow you down? You should know about the two handed Dvorak Keyboard layout? A link below might be interesting to you. On the Dvorak Simplified keyboard 70% of the keys used in ordinary text are on the home keys.

Did you know that it is possible for a single handed person to enjoy the sport of archery? Follow the links below to see how to build a single handed release.

Many schools use the inexpensive "recorder" wind instrument for beginning music training. Did you know that there is a single handed recorder that allows single handed children to join in? Click on the Dolmetsch link below to see a beautiful child playing a recorder.

I wrote a circuit tutor for my electronics students. You can download it here. I found it very useful when I taught electronics. Go To Circuit Tutor Page


There are a number of items on my site that were put there as a part of a class at Hillsborough Community College on HTML taught by John Taylor. I have not removed them because they may be helpful to someone and there is space. I will cull someday.... when I get the chance.

John Taylors math test should be very useful to some junior college students. John Taylor has moved on but he has a web page with math stuff on it. See John Taylor Stuff Here.

My wooden puzzle toys could be a hobby or even a business to someone with patience to learn to make them. They are more fun than birdhouses!